PG WAY Europe is coming soon

We, here in PG WAY, have decided to create a new gaming platform for teams of all skill levels to give them the oportunity to prove themselves on the scene.

We would like to announce that any continental european team can join our events! Also our brand has a slight change in it´s name - PG WAY Europe. We are creating a set of leagues (each will take 2 months to finish) in several games and also shorter tournaments for variety of players. First of all we would like to tell you something from the past, for those who are unfamiliar with the PG WAY brand. (You can jump by 1 section if you are not intrested)

It´s been a while since the first idea has been surfacing in our minds - new gaming project for our national Czech and Slovak progaming scene. It took long 2 years from that moment to organize our first LAN event in the city of Trnava on 11th to 13th august 2016. This tournament was limited only for Czech and Slovak teams and without any sponsorship was organized only in the time span of 3 months! All of this was done only by 3 core members of PG WAY back then, for whom it was a huge challenge. Looking backwards we can say they have done a hell of a job! In December of 2016 we have organized a small Christmas Cup for 100€, which was streamed online and our website had a huge jump in the number of visits. In this moment we have relized that our work is paying of. As professional tournament organizers, we have been invited to organize another big event in the city of Trnava in the march of 2017. Event called UniCon has been held at the University of SS Cyril and Methodius. We have been organizing tournaments in Counter Strike:Global Offensive, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Rocket League and League of Legends. We had a huge success with online stream, top teams of Czech republic and Slovakia joined our event and huge number of visitor came to support their teams and check out many of the sponsor booths and workshops. We have much to work on, but from the feedback we can see we are walking the right path.

PG WAY, after all these events from the past, has grown by 10 people. We are working hardly together to bring young and talented players a place, where they can show themselves against equally skilled teams and give them the oportunity to qualify to higher skill tiers to ultimately play against professional teams from Europe.

We are proudly announcing the launch of our PG WAY Counter Strike:Global Offensive Pro Series (PG WAY CS:GO Pro Series). We are planning to add the Hearthstone game within a short period and a bunch of other games are prepared to be launched within the year of 2017!

Our league is unique in the eSport world by it´s structure. We have been inspired by other real life sports leagues, like football leagues, and created a league system which is similiar to them.

The league is devided into the 3 skill tiers (Pro, Semi-Pro and Amateur). All matches will be played in BO2 format, and points will be assigned to the teams depending on the results. (3 points for winner, 1 point for both teams in case of draw and no points for loser). Length of the season will be 2 months (9 weeks). Finals will be held only for the Pro Series and will be played offline on our computers in front of live crowd.

Every team joining one of the skill tiers will be required to pay an entry fee. We have prepared atractive pricepools for all the teams. Pricepools and entry fees will be as follows:

In case of Pro series, teams are battling over pricepool in the first places. For Semi-Pro series, top 4 teams will be awarded, and they will meet with the last 4 teams of Pro Series in a qualification tournament for the next season. Teams which will win the qualification will be awarded with additional prices.

Our focus on creating a platform for growth of new talents is the base of our philosophy. That is the reason why we will award teams in Amateur Series for each win and draw they get in the group stage. Furthermore, we will award the winners of qualification held between Semi-pro and Amateur series as it is in the case of Pro and Semi-Pro qualifcation. This qualification will be held before the start of the next season.

Pro series will be only for invited teams, Semi-Pro series will have a qualification held at the start of the April where any team from Europe can join and try to qualify. Rest of the teams will be placed in Amateur series, if they wish so. This qualifiers will be held only once. After the start of the league, teams will have to start in Amateur series (not including invited professional teams in case of growth of the league).

We will organize additional free and VIP tournaments for monetary prices or sponsored items in a fixed period. Those tournaments will be for whole teams as well as for individuals.

Our matches will be streamed online and broadcasted by our own broadcasting studio PG WAY TV.

Number of teams and all dates, as well as release of our tournament website, will be announced soon.

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